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 Echo's NPC Pages

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Lanier Ishmael
The Telltale Bloomer
It's a very comfortable bench, isn't it? If you want a soothing place, you're welcome anytime.

With her wealth of facial expressions being her greatest charm point, Lanier is the sort of person to wear her heart on her sleeves. She's very open and childish, sometimes to the point of immaturity, but she happens to be a stubborn individual who can overwhelm others when wearing a cold front and immovable as a mountain. Her lack of confidence in herself shines through with how lonely she is, often to the point of desperately wanting friends. Lanier indulges in many sorts of 'girly' activities, but the most important thing of all is her love for flowers. A whimsical girl, she tenderly cares for the flowers at the White Family Manor and tells stories to those who want to sit down and listen. Unlike the vast majority of the population on the Oasis, she seems to dislike Prisma, to the point of expressing ill will towards them.

She has long flowing blue hair, notably as a true beauty without any blemishes or discolorations on her features, giving her the impression of a graceful lady. Her skin is near-flawless and a healthy color of peach. Though not very athletic or fit (she's rather slow when it comes to running), Lanier has a slender figure, standing at 5'4" / 163 cm. With rosy red eyes that sparkle to the brim with emotions, it's not a wonder she had been requested to join Prisma in the N&P division several times.

It's rare for her to wander far from the Manor, but she does have company with her partner, Bounsweet. Rule of thumb is to never let her cook. Ever. She cannot cook for the love of her life, and allowing her to do so will ruin any tastebuds you think you've ever had.

Lanier is 22, and her birthday is October 11th.

Milena Zhang
Little Miss Fashionista
❝ Sometimes being a little reckless is the best way to make your dreams a reality! ❞

Milena, more commonly called "Millie," is someone who, at a glance, appears to be very calm and composed. She may carry the image of someone calm and wise (if not somewhat imposing), but beneath that persona lies a very honest and jolly soul who enjoys designing and music. As she isn't very wise and still learning, she often jots down things she heard or quotes she'd like to remember in order to regurgitate bits of wisdom to friends. Having grown tired of placing a lid on her identical twin sister's chaos, she ran away from home, seeking thrills and adventures in her own life without being shackled down by the need to be the same. Her research brought her to the Oasis, where she freely practices creativity as a tailor at Serene Grace (a very popular and trending store). It's rare to find her without either a sketchbook or camera on her!

Rather annoyingly pale for a girl who spends so much time indoors, Millie thinks of herself as someone with a rather plain and average appearance. She doesn't stand out much in terms of beauty, but she seems to always have a different outfit every day. Her eyes are a deep violet color, darker than her dyed hair, and yet, with how big she dreams, it's a wonder that she's as short as she is at 5'1" / 155 cm.

While she tends to stay inside the shop or at home in town, Millie habitually drifts towards the cafes to get a cup of coffee since she lives off of caffeine. Despite having been looked upon warily for being a foreigner (and stowaway) at first, her designs and skill have placed her as one of the best that Serene Grace to offer - their own prodigy.

Millie is 15, and her birthday is May 12th. Her partner is a Surskit nicknamed Ayu.

Aster Sinclair
The Dancing Soothsayer
❝ That's not wrong. However, if I don't read the printed word or stop dancing, I can't go on living. ❞

Known for his occasional street performances under the stage name 'Al Saiduq,' Aster is a soft-spoken and mild-mannered, if not mellow, individual constantly striving to better himself. Though he may be mistakenly considered shy and mousy, Aster is quick to become eloquent and confident when discussing subjects of interest; he actively engages in debates to exercise his perceptiveness in order to seek knowledge to better himself. He tries very hard to understand others, but he purposefully conceals his inner thoughts and feelings because he feels too insecure to honestly express them to others. Although he can't help it, Aster has a problem of being able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and in any position; he has a voice recorder hidden somewhere in his clothes that's almost always on just in case he falls asleep while talking to someone. To those who don't know him well, he seems to exude strength and sagacity when in reality, he's a bit of a doormat with a strange fascination for people.

Aster is of average height (5'7" / 172 cm) and build. Coupled with his unkempt dark blue hair and icy blue eyes, he gives the impression of being very slim and paper-thin, with deathly pale skin. He may come off as fragile and sickly, but he just happens to be naturally lanky. It'd be impossible to see him without his earphones and neck-strap MP3 player, and more often than not, he usually keeps at least one of them on.

Because he's a street performer, he spends a lot of time in the city, but he's also around the outskirts pretty often or even in town. Aster seems to be multi-talented in performing arts, taking with him his synthesizer pretty often or dancing. He claims that he gets a good feel for how people are when he can observe them in an audience.

Aster is 20, and his birthday is August 7th. Though he doesn't have any Pokemon on him, he seems to be in possession of the Light Stone (which he doesn't show to anyone else).


These characters aren't available for actual RP. They're mostly for me, and maybe to involve them with a few others. They are not full characters and therefore, shouldn't be treated as such. If you want to get involved with them, please message me. Thanks!

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Echo's NPC Pages
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