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 Nightly Musings [Discord]

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PostSubject: Nightly Musings [Discord]   Fri Apr 27, 2018 7:39 pm

Setting: Late at night
Place: ???
Characters: Yunnan Lao (Echo), Rowan D'Angelo (Wild)
Starter: ☽ (wandering alone at night)
Yunnan: "Ah, hello. It's rather late, isn't it? What brings you out here at this time?"
Rowan: "I could ask the same of yourself. I just have trouble sleeping."
Yunnan: "Hmm... Well, the stars are pretty and they're soothing to look at."
"Ordinarily... I'd offer a cup of tea, but that would be counterproductive if you're having trouble sleeping, wouldn't it?"
Rowan: "I doubt I'll be getting any sleep at this point anyways. Besides, how're you gonna make some tea out here?"
Yunnan: "Oh! I carry my set on me at all times. Would you like some then? I have a few different kinds such as green tea, herbal tea, and milk tea, but I still have a few packs of the Roserade one my boss gave me if you'd prefer something exotic instead?"
Rowan: "That's a bit weird, but sure. Okay. I'll go with it. Uh.. how about some green tea?"
Yunnan: "Ahaha... I've been told that very often. I'm not sure how strange it could be, though. It's normal to carry around the things you like, isn't it?"
Rowan: "I guess, but isn't that a little impractical?"
Yunnan: "I suppose... Making sure that it doesn't break in my bag can be a bit troublesome, but the letters usually serve as a sufficient cushion."
Rowan: "Well, to each their own I suppose. How're you planning to heat up the water?"
Yunnan: "I always keep heated water in an insulator, so the tea should be done in a few."
Rowan: "You really are prepared for tea at any time, aren't you?"
"Not a bad thing to be, I've just never met someone so passionate about tea."
Yunnan: "Passionate? I.. suppose that's one way to put it. Ah, here we go. It's finished, so please enjoy!"
Rowan: "Thank you. And maybe passionate isn't the best word but you get what I mean."
Yunnan: "It's rather pleasant to drink is all."
"Oh, excuse my manners. I've been rather rude, haven't I? Your name is...?"
Rowan: "Rowan. I believe we ran into each other at the opening ceremony. And yours?"
Yunnan: "Pleasure to meet you. My name is Yunnan, though most others call me Pest, Moron, Useless Airhead, and many other things, so call me whatever you like."
"Though... Opening ceremony? Do you mean the one at the Reservation or one of the stores in the city?"
Rowan: "I think I'll stick to Yunnan."
"The Reservation's opening ceremony. I forgot there was one for the stores."
Yunnan: "Hmm... I see. So you have a Pokemon as well then?"
Rowan: "I do indeed. A little Gible, who is enjoying a good night's sleep. And what about you?"
Yunnan: "A dragon type. How fitting. I call mine Altair, though I... admittedly don't recall the species. Rather useless of me, really."
Rowan: "Well then. What does it look like? Maybe I can help you remember."
Yunnan: "Ah, well, it's blue. Or would it be more appropriate to say white...? Oh! It's very fluffy and soft."
Rowan: "Does it kind of look like a cloud?"
Yunnan: "Exactly so."
Rowan: "Hmm, I guess your nickname was pretty suiting if it's the Pokemon I'm thinking of. Altaria, which has wings that look just like clouds."
Yunnan: "Perhaps. I was just thinking of the name of the star is all, haha."
"Did you nickname yours?"
Rowan: "I decided not to, any name I could think of sounded stupid. Gible was as good a name as any."
Yunnan: "I don't believe any name could be stupid if you put a bit of thought into it."
Rowan: "That's where you're wrong, kiddo."
"But he doesn't seem to mind just being Gible. He gets too preoccupied trying to chomp down on my head."
Yunnan: "Ah, well... I suppose so. I'm not very bright. Though is that... safe? That sounds rather painful."
Rowan: "He does it with love so it doesn't hurt too much. I just have to watch out when he gets too excited."
Yunnan: "... With love? How fascinating. Is that normal for Gibles to do when they have an attachment to their trainers?"
Rowan: "Y'know, I'm honestly not sure. But even if it isn't, it's not the worst thing in the world."
Yunnan: "Perhaps I'll get back to you on that when I can. There are a few books back at the office I could refer to."
Rowan: “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
Yunnan: "It's the least I could do, really. It'd be useful knowledge in the long run, don't you think? Knowing whatever we can as Pokemon become part of our daily lives again..."
Rowan: “Yeah that’s true. I need to do some reading up on my own as well.”
Yunnan: "Maybe you can stop by the post office sometime so we can study together?"
"... That is, if you'd want to hang out with a piece of trash such as myself, haha."
Rowan: “Sounds good to me, as long as you’re okay with hanging out with a disappointment. I get distracted easily studying alone anyways.”
Yunnan: "Hmm... I wouldn't call you a disappointment at all. You seem like a kind person."
Rowan: “And you don’t seem like a piece of trash.”
Yunnan: "Ahaha... I'm just an unremarkable airhead with no redeeming features. But I don't mind - there are many amazing people that others follow because of the things they can do."
Rowan: “I doubt that you’re as useless as you say you are.”
Yunnan: "No, I really can't do anything, haha. What about you? Is there anything you like to do?"
Rowan: “Not really, I like to just watch the Pokémon from the reservation, though. It’s relaxing.”
Yunnan: "Is it? I'll have to consider it sometime then."
"What of battling? You come off as the kind of person who would be good at that."
Rowan: “It’s fun, but I don’t like seeing Pokémon get hurt too badly.”
Yunnan: "That's true... I have to agree with that. Though there are Pokemon that enjoy battling as well, no?"
Rowan: "Yeah, and my Gible does enjoy a good match every now and then, but mostly he likes to goof around."
Yunnan: "I see. So you spend quite a bit of time together then?"
Rowan: “Naturally, as much as he is goofy he’s pretty clingy. He doesn’t like to leave my side while he’s awake.”
Yunnan: "Aha, I see. I wonder what that must be like."
Rowan: “It can be a hassle but I don’t mind. At least I know that he likes me, haha.”
Yunnan: "Well... What's not to like?"
Rowan: “Trust me when I say there’s a lot not to.”
Yunnan: "Hmm... I can't believe that."
Rowan: “You do you, but you hardly know me, once someone gets to know me they learn why I have so few friends.”
Yunnan: "Is that so? Your shade is rather pleasant, so I can't see why you would have few friends."
Rowan: “My... shade?”
Yunnan: "Ah, your color... Your voice sounds very... red. It doesn't burn, which makes it pleasant. It's warm, much like tea."
Rowan: “What in the world are you talking about?”
Yunnan: "How to put it... I can see how a person sounds. Strange, is it not?"
"I don't mind if you don't believe me. I'm just an unremarkable piece of garbage who blows the whole day making tea at home by himself, haha."
Rowan: “You gotta stop that dude.”
Yunnan: "Hm? Stop what?"
Rowan: “You gotta stop calling yourself garbage and unremarkable and all that shit. It’s not good for you. And I hate myself as much as the next guy, but you don’t see me constantly calling myself worthless. It’ll never get better with that mindset.”
Yunnan: "I'm not sure I follow. It's just a statement of facts, isn't it?"
Rowan: “No? Who said they were facts? They’re just your opinion about yourself.”
Yunnan: "It's a repetition of what others have said. I don't mind since it is true. I wouldn't have a job if the boss didn't pity me since my co-workers would like to get rid of me."
Rowan: “If the people you hang out with say that about you, you need to get outta that situation.”
Yunnan: "Do I? It's nice to work there."
"Are you working anywhere yourself?"
Rowan: “Not currently but I need to start looking. It’d be nice to have a little extra money.”
Yunnan: "I believe there are plenty of jobs in the city, lest you prefer aiming higher with Prisma. Though I'm not sure if that would suit you..."
Rowan: “Yeah I know, I’ve just been procrastinating as usual.”
Yunnan: "Hmm... I don't think there's anything wrong with taking things at your own pace."
Rowan: “I guess but money is kinda necessary for survival.”
Yunnan: "I suppose it is. Would you consider postal delivery service or...?"
"On second thought, that might not work for you. I'm not quite sure if it's a match for your personality."
Rowan: “Yeah.. I don’t think a delivery boy is for me. Thanks for offering, though.”
Yunnan: "Do you have anything in particular in mind?"
Rowan: “I was thinking maybe something in a restaurant. I enjoy cooking.”
Yunnan: "Ah, the restaurant would be a good choice. They pay quite a bit as well... I think?"
Rowan: “I’m not sure, honestly.”
Yunnan: "I don't think I've visited there very often, but I hear they're rather high quality... Uhm... Possibly..."
Rowan: "If it isn't already, it will be by the time I'm done with it!"
Yunnan: "The enthusiasm would certainly be appreciated. I'll have to remember to drop by if you get a job there."
Rowan: "I'll make sure you get a special invite when I become head chef, haha."
Yunnan: "Wouldn't that invite do better to go to someone else? I'm not exactly worth getting any sort of special privilege, especially from the head chef himself."
Rowan: "Well, who else would it go to?"
Yunnan: "Your number one fan?"
Rowan: "Are you saying you aren't my number one fan?"
Yunnan: "Hmm... Well, I suppose I could be. Though admiration from someone known to be 'weird' and 'gross' may give you a poor reputation."
Rowan: "Eh, who cares? If I make good food it won't matter who I associate with. And I'm still convinced that you're not nearly as bad as you say you are."
Yunnan: "You make a fair point. But..."
"Everything starts off fine, but as time goes on, I don't think anyone has been able to tolerate me. Which would make sense, don't you think?"
Rowan: "Not really, no."
Yunnan: "Hmm... I suppose you'll see then. It's impossible to put off the inevitable."
Rowan: "Sure, whatever you say."
Yunnan: "I'm glad we could reach an agreement then."
"Now, it's late, isn't it? Wouldn't do much good for your beauty sleep if you didn't rest soon. It would be such a waste to ruin your handsome face from lack of rest."
Rowan: "Good idea. You need to get some rest as well."
Yunnan: "Good night and rest well then."
Rowan: "Same to you."

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Nightly Musings [Discord]
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