Welcome to the Islands of Oasis Cay, an isolated group of islands with a growing Pokémon population.
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Welcome to the Oasis Cay Islands! Enjoy your stay~
Please welcome Kari as our newest staff member!


 [prisma] Hammond, Elias

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PostSubject: [prisma] Hammond, Elias   [prisma] Hammond, Elias EmptyMon Apr 30, 2018 1:01 pm

[e l i a s]

[prisma] Hammond, Elias Akechi.Goro.600.2178004

Character Name : elias hammond

D.O.B : 19 | 22/06

Height : 5'9"

Weight : 143 lbs

Hair Color : Brown-Blonde

Eye Color : Light Brown

Hometown : Silene City

Siblings : None

Prisma Classification

Rank: Operator

Division: Networking and Publicity

Length of Membership: 1 year

Reason for being in Prisma: Before his employment at Prisma, despite his outstanding looks, he was merely an unheard-of model and actor. Once Prisma gave him the opportunity, he took it, beginning to work for them. His popularity boosted at a surprising rate and he was given many important TV show roles and often made the cover of the latest fashion magazines of Oasis Cay, becoming the dream boy of many young and impressionable girls. Behind the scenes, he is known to be tasked with pulling the strings of the latest tendencies within youth using his fame.
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PostSubject: Re: [prisma] Hammond, Elias   [prisma] Hammond, Elias EmptyTue May 01, 2018 4:02 am

[prisma] Hammond, Elias XB3FpHa
Welcome to Prisma Company.

[prisma] Hammond, Elias GhY6gQE
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[prisma] Hammond, Elias
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