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 a haven that hid us well [closed]

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a haven that hid us well [closed] Empty
PostSubject: a haven that hid us well [closed]   a haven that hid us well [closed] EmptyThu May 03, 2018 8:48 am

Datura was fairly withdrawn, kept by duty to her work and interest to her hobbies. But there were moments where, much like a flower, she would open up slightly. They were most frequent around her siblings, particularly Digi. He was, after all, her favorite sibling - the one she found it easiest to talk to, regardless of what was going on.

Well, if it weren't for Digi, she would still be working. And while that would be good for her work, it was proving rather poor for her health. While she tried to remain healthy, constant work did eventually take its toll on her, and while she had been reluctant to take any break at all, Digi had insisted.

So here they were, at the beach. Just like old times, she supposed, though she missed spending more time with her favorite brother. A hint of a smile crossed her face as she remembered one moment as a child, hiding behind him because something or other had frightened her, though she remained silent for the moment.

What happened? She allowed herself to wonder, just for a moment. The answer was simple: they had grown up, eventually, like anyone else. Personally, Datura hoped that growing up didn't mean they would grow further and further apart. The thought of any of her family being nothing more than strangers to her... The small smile on her face shifted to a frown. Well, perhaps the things she was most afraid of had changed as she grew older, she supposed.
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a haven that hid us well [closed]
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