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 Echo's Writing Feedback

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PostSubject: Echo's Writing Feedback   Fri May 04, 2018 6:54 am

Stealing from Holly since I felt that I could benefit from getting feedback as well! I'm looking for constructive criticism on my writing - I know there's a lot I need to improve on and experiment around with, and having more eyes on my trashy writing would definitely help a ton with that. Doesn't matter to me if it's my flaws or my strengths, I'd really like to hear it! Personally though, I'm not too big on criticizing my posts (since they rarely have a lot of substance with them), so when criticizing my writing, I'd prefer you look at my solos instead. If it comes to my normal posts, I'd like to hear more about my characterization, dialogue, and all of that, though honestly, I don't mind what exactly you want to read from me because it all sucks.

At the moment, I'm mostly looking for criticism regarding my solo, Son of Caesia, since while it was indeed a vent fic, it's also got the most I've experimented with in a long while and I'm personally proud of it! So... yeah, tear it down bois

Thanks so much for taking your time to do this! Or just checking out this thread in general or well, even reading my dumb things LOL

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Echo's Writing Feedback
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