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 Revisions to the Store and Pokècoins

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Revisions to the Store and Pokècoins Empty
PostRevisions to the Store and Pokècoins

Hey again everyone! Back at it this time with some changes to the system, namely the Pokècoins.

For starters, the Pokèmart has been updated to include all currently available items. Instead of a rotating shop system, it instead has a permanent inventory now that you can buy from at any time. The only thing missing from it really are some Mega Stones and Z-Crystals, as those will become available as the site progresses, whether through events or as an update to the shop later on.

Now you must be thinking, "But Echo! Some of those prices are ridiculous! How will I ever afford them?!" How many Pokècoins you earn per post and per created topic has been adjusted to be +3 per post, and +5 when you make a topic. Additionally, Pokècoins will be more readily available once the site has evolved and characters can earn some through contests, ranger missions, and more! For players who want to take it the same way the games do, you can dole out money to each other depending on who wins/loses battles; message the staff if you want to transfer in accordance to that.

Additionally, from now and forward, Pokècoins will also be awarded in the following manner:
  • Completed character solos will be given 0.25x Pokècoins for the amount of words written
  • Discord RP logs will be given 0.15x Pokècoins for the amount of words exchanged

Please round up when determining the amount of coins you earned and message a staff member in order to have them put into your account.

If there's any questions you have, feel free to message staff, and thanks for reading as always!

Revisions to the Store and Pokècoins GhY6gQE
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Revisions to the Store and Pokècoins :: Comments

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Revisions to the Store and Pokècoins

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