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Welcome to the Oasis Cay Islands! Enjoy your stay~
Please welcome Kari as our newest staff member!

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 Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:07 am

His memories were a blur.

(he is used to that)

Strange little parchment stretching together with the fancy sort of font used only by those of high status to address even more people capable of incredible awe-inspiring feats, the individuals who stood as beacons of hope for an even brighter future, clutched within alabaster fingers unworthy of such a letter - wrinkles creased once or twice with each readjustment - overflowing with congratulations and praise. He folded the sheet, empty bag opening its flap and clinking with silverware and pouches step by step, curiously wondering with an electric shock running down his spine how this could be addressed to him.

Make no mistakes or fumbles, for every letter deserved to be delivered, and so, he couldn't deny this either as he filtered through the running expanses of roads and follies. Down the route to a new beginning!... Or so the people had promised, for the worthy and perfected to which he had no right to stand by. Inattentive eternal moon of silver and glistening violet framed by silky feather lashes, and voila, a fragile bird-like Pokemon centered in his palms made of vellum.

Then, he remembered.

(he isn't used to that)

Three, four peers with a symphony of colors. Too many to count. There was green and blue, and then black and white. Colored and dyed in burning scarlet - fires, fires blazing in the distance, choking everything in a noxious plume of darkness - with flickers of a spark in irritation.

Swallow away the stars and everlasting moon (though the moon died and revived every month too, so maybe that was the wrong way to put it) to pull the curtains open for a grand helio-disk. Red was a nice color. It fit this figure crossing his arms with a huff and a puff meant to blow everyone away.

"A fierce Pokemon like Trapinch or Jangmo-o would be nice, wouldn't it?"

(nice for you, not me)

Unassuming wistful crescent of a smile, polite and weaving with a mellifluous wave. "Are you also getting your first today?"

tea parties my man. ilu wild

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:02 am

Wolf saw she was about to respond just as the professor's voice was speaking to the gathering of people. It was time to go in. He knew it would eventually happen. He kept his eyes on this girl though paying attention to her mostly. He knew he would get his pokemon, that was a sure thing. However, he had nothing certain with this girl, other than this draw to her that he felt.

Suddenly she bolted, and in that moment stomped on Wolf's foot. A shot of pain sparked for a brief moment, then subsided. Wolf was starting to get slightly annoyed. He hadn't done anything wrong to this girl. She knocked him over and he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as a compliment to her appearance and she wouldn't even give him the time of day?! He wasn't one to usually get so frustrated, but this girl... she wasn't making any sense to him. Even through his frustration he knew one thing for certain. He would talk to her again, he would be sure of that. She may have denied him, but he didn't give up so easily.

As she bolted he made sure not to lose sight of her, staying just on her heels. She ran through the reservation and he made sure to follow. She hadn't seemed to notice him, so he made sure to just keep watch for a moment. He didn't want to risk interrupting her finding the right pokemon. Suddenly he saw a Torchic run and jump at Kari. The little pokemon seemed to be freaking out and as Wolf was about to see if he could help he felt something land on his shoulder. It looked like a small owl-like pokemon.


"Huh, so you choose me?"

"Rowlet Rowlet"

"Alright, then we're partners. Let's follow that girl and her Torchic."

Wolf turned just in time to see the Totodile burst from where the Torchic had just come from, and it looked upset! He was just about to run out and see if he could help as Kari ran as fast as she could. Now what, should he just chase after her or should he try to get this Totodile off of her? Well, the Totodile was a water-type and his Rowlet was grass-type so this would be in his advantage, when for Kari and Torchic it wouldn't be the same battle.

"Hey--- I'm going to call you Dez. Dez, do you think we can take this Totodile?"

"Row! Row!" Dez looked excited about his new name and was bobbing his head in agreement.

"Alright, let's get it off of them!"

Wolf quickly ran out and caught the Totodile's attention "Hey, Totodile why don't you pick on somebody your own size!? Or are you scared?" Wolf was bluffing in his cool demeanor. He knew it would be bad to actually fight in the reserve so he ran in the opposite direction Kari had run.

"Dez, you follow Kari and her Torchic! I'll get this Totodile lost."

Dez flapped his wings and was off to follow Kari. Meanwhile, Wolf was running from this Totodile as fast as he could to lose it. Turning left and right through the forested area he ended up nearly losing himself. Out of breath from all the running, he turned to see that the Totodile wasn't behind him anymore. Good, he got away.

Wolf began to call out for his new partner only hoping he would be heard "Dez! Dez, I lost the Totodile!"

After a few minutes Dez appeared and took his place on Wolf's shoulder.

"Did you find Kari? Were you able to follow them?"

Dez nodded his head earnestly "Rowlet-let"

"Alright, good. Show me where they are please."

Wolf then began to follow Dez until they were back at the front of the reserve and there she was. The beautiful girl with the red hair and the hot temper, just laying in the grass with her Torchic. Wolf walked up causually "So, you really didn't need to stomp on my foot by the way. And what is so wrong with just agreeing to get to know each other? Honestly, I don't know why I decided to risk my self running from that Totodile and getting it away from chasing you!?" Wolf took a deep breath and let out a long sigh as his new partner landed back on his shoulder from leading him here. Placing one hand in his pocket and returning to his more calm and cool demeanor he continued. "Anyways, look... I think you are hot tempered, and you have been a bit rude since we met.... buuuut I want to try and get past all this and start off on the right foot. So I am just going to ask one last time. Will you let me get to know the hot tempered, fiery, beautiful girl that you are?"

Wolf was just trying to be honest, and he was a little frustrated. Enough that it was showing in his tone through most of what he said up until he let out that sigh. He really didn't know why, or what was causing this but he felt drawn to her. Even if she was hard-headed and hot-tempered. She burned with a fire most lacked, and he liked that, even if that was part of what was driving him a little crazy now. He always liked fire, but he always felt more cool and calm, like ice.

It was now that Rolwet decided to introduce himself with a small flutter of his wings "Rowlet-row!" he seemed to be saying hello excitedly.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:23 am

Stella's excitement was just rising higher and higher, and she almost felt like she might explode from it all. Suddenly, though, something brushed her side, ran off, and her pockets felt a tiny bit lighter. Reaching into them with her free hand, she found she couldn't find...

"Oh no... My keys!" The dark-haired girl had a habit of misplacing them, and it was one of those habits her mother was less than fond of - every time she couldn't produce them, it was another lecture about responsibility, and a few days of not being able to leave the house by herself. This time, though, it wasn't really Stella's fault, but she took off after the purple thing that had taken them.

It took some running, probably more than it should have (she had Fey to thank for that), but eventually she reached out and grabbed the closest thing to her she could reach - at closer inspection, a limb. Gently, she tugged the Pokemon closer, and tried to focus on its emotions, and maybe learn a little bit about it in the process. Annoyance, obviously, since she had just chased him down and grabbed him, gentle though she tried to be, but underneath that... Curiosity. Simple curiosity. Slowly, she let go of the paw she was still holding on to.

"The feeling's mutual, little buddy. But can I please have my keys back? My mom will be really, really mad if I lose them again..."

While the purple Pokemon didn't immediately relinquish the keys, he did look up at her, seeming to consider her request. Eventually, however, he came to a decision. He didn't hand them over, but also didn't run off with them, instead staring at her expectantly. Once again. Curiosity, but stronger this time.

So, this Pokemon wanted to know more about her. She had gathered that at the beginning, but he seemed seriously intrigued by her specifically. Well, she guessed she could see why, in theory, but not really. But if that was what he wanted... Okay. She could live with that. They could bond more on the way. Especially because he still had her keys, and Fey still had no Pokemon. "Well, I've got my new friend, Fey," she declared. "It's your turn!"
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:42 am

She let out a little gasp as the person she had bumped into spoke to her. She sounded a little... mean. When she gripped her wrist, however, her eyes widened. It was an accident! She really, really didn't mean to. Her hands were icy cold against her sun-warmed skin. Panic fluttered in her chest like a bird. Oh, now she was screwed. She met her cold gaze, and instead of hostility, Miko's green eyes were bright and cheery. She had a little plan in the back of her mind of how to get away, and since it involved being her own peculiar self, it would be easy. She would try and charm her way away with her little girl sweetness, and act like this was a friend she had known all her life. "You're cold." She stated, moving her free hand to warm the hand that gripped her wrist so tightly. She flashed a smile at her, before turning to listen to Professor Magnolia. Miko rolled up onto the balls of her feet as she tried to look over everyone's heads, for once in her life paying attention. "Can we go now? Please? I wanna go get my Pokemon!" She exclaimed, trying to drag Olive a little faster towards the entrance. She was buzzing with excitement now, her earlier, away-with-the-fairies attitude dissolving at the speed of light.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:59 am

Fey followed behind as slow as she could, although it was not very slow considering she was being pulled along by her childhood friend. Suddenly, they jerked to a halt and, once again, Stella had forgotten something important. It was like school all over again. The pink-haired girl was prepared to help her search when her companion struck out and grabbed onto a Pokemon. She watched her exchange words with the offending thief, and she was perfectly fine with being ignored for a little bit. It was not often the two of them weren't somehow interacting directly.

Then it was declared to be her turn. Oh, Arceus, what was she supposed to do? She was not some protagonist of a heroic tale like Stella was. In her eyes, Stella was everything she wanted to be. For a moment, Fey was frozen as a blush crept across her face. Shaking her head, she replied, "A... alright!"

She proceeded to march off, looking for something, anything. It was nearly missed the first time, as her thoughts buzzed, but she stopped and turned around. Now, she could hear the caws and guffaws of several bird Pokemon, Spearow by the way they crowed. There was what looked like a Pikachu under that mess. There was little thought in what she did next, and it happened so fast. She scooped up some rocks and threw them at the Spearow, then ran at them to chase them off. One unlucky one was caught by shadows and dragged... under the Pikachu?! Until she realized what she had saved, she was utterly baffled. This was not actually a Pikachu... but a...

"Mimikyu?!" she exclaimed, jaw dropping. She was totally prepared for the thing to try and eat her too, eyes closed and body tense, when, instead of that, she felt a little nudge on her leg. Carefully, she nudged it off, but lo and behold, it nudged back.

She groaned. "Why me..."
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:11 am

Warm, skin, presumably enjoying the warm sun of Oasis Cay regularly. In was a stark contrast to the sickly-looking skin of the Kalosian girl. It was nice. Human contact held no significance the Olive, beyond a way to ensure she was listened to. Popping the personal bubble was louder than any yell.

"And you're warm. Do you want to keep on stating facts like this? Or do you want your Pokemon. They might run out of them." the girl smirked. It wasn't very likely. They had made sure there would be enough Pokemon for most of the inhabitants. Sighing, Olive weakened her grip on Miko's wrist, walking faster this time, almost urging the other to go faster this time. With a quicker pace, they soon reached the crowd, people already out with some of their new buddies. "Cool enough." she uttered, leaving Miko to her own doings while she ventured inside the reservation on her own.


The black-haired teen was drenched in water from above. Looking up, Olive noticed the prankster wasn't a human, but actually a Murkrow. Gritting her teeth, the girl lowered her head and pressed on, her the bird-like creature continued to pester her, finally settling on her shoulders with a satisfied and, frankly, off-tone chirp. "The hat suits you." the girl lifted an arm and stroking the underside of its beak.


"Time for my Pokemon~" the girl kicked her feet in excitement and leapt down from the tree, rolling in the dust and scrambling on four legs to get inside the reservation. Ducking and diving between people, Iulia stumbled inside the haven for Pokemon, looking left and right, her hair already a mess, out of it's tidy bun.

Walking around with a small smile, she came across a lonely little Phanpy. On it's truck, it was balancing stones, throwing them around. Once it saw her, the little thing bounced up towards her. "Oh look at you..." Iulia fell to her knees to catch the Pokemon in a hug.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:03 pm

Realization dawned on Stella as she tried her best to focus on Fey's mission, despite the Purrloin at her side who was still holding her house keys hostage. Though she often tugged her friend along (willing or not), she tended to sometimes get lost in whatever she was doing - and, occasionally, forget to pay attention to Fey. Or, admittedly, whatever else she had previously been involved with, but Fey was the thing that she felt the worst about accidentally ignoring.

Honestly, it felt like Fey suffered a lot sometimes because of her own flaws, and Stella often wanted to make sure she knew she was appreciated. She was maybe not the best at expressing that, usually, but she did try.

"I'm so sorry, Fey, I-" she started, pretty much her standard apology for this kind of thing, when she realized her friend had found a Pokemon to interact with already - wait, was she throwing rocks at those Spearow? She suppressed the urge to protest, certain that Fey had a very good reason for whatever she had just done. She was, after all, the smart one between them.

One of the Spearow vanished as the others left, and as she looked to see where it had gone she noticed the cloth-covered Pokemon. A Mimikkyu! Oh, was it nudging Fey? It liked her already! They were off to a great start, clearly.

"It's cute but kinda scary, just like you!"


Zoey found herself chasing after Kari in frustration, but quickly lost track of her and found herself veered off-course relatively quickly.

It wasn't long before she found an intriguing group of Pokemon - candle-like creatures that appeared to be dancing. Litwick, that was what they were called, right? One was hanging back from the others slightly, and she approached it cautiously, though stopped a way's off, not wanting to scare it.

It seemed not to notice her at first, so she slowly moved closer until it turned to look at her. She stopped again, raising a hand in a silent 'hello' gesture.

Tentatively, the Pokemon moved towards her - it seemed to glide, sort of.

She held out a hand to it, and it moved ever closer. It looked up at her with its tiny face, and Zoey fell in love instantly. "Hey there. You feeling left out?" There was a silence, and she turned around, moving to leave. However, it was in front of her again. It happened a second time, and a third, before she finally caught on.

"Do you want to tag along with me?" she asked gently, and in response received a sound that she couldn't quite understand, but when she turned to leave again she could see it moving alongside her out of the corner of her eye.

Well, that was taken care of, she supposed. Now to find that cute girl - Kari, right?

"Do you mind if I call you something? How about 'Lighter'?"

There was that sound again. She chose to take it as a yes.

It took a few minutes longer than she would have liked, but eventually she did find the person she was looking for.

"There you are!"
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:34 pm

Kari groaned as she heard the white-haired flirt's voice once more and squeezed her eyes shut. He was definitely persistent.

Annoyingly so.

Opening her eyes again, she glared at him spitefully. Her muscles screamed at her but she popped to her feet nonetheless. She was so not going to stay on her back around this guy. Placing a hand on her hip, she shook any stray lingering grass out of her deep hair and leveled a temperamental stare on him. "Look uh, Wolf was it? You're really not my type. Oh, and that little stunt you pulled earlier was sooo not cool" a hint of red tinted her cheeks at the memory and she swiped at her cheek one more time just to be sure before turning her gaze back to him. "Thanks for the uh, 'help' and all, but I didn't really need it. I could have just punted the thing. Not very ethical, but hey it would have worked." shaking her head at the thought, she crossed her arms over her chest, "If you really wanna earn brownie points you'll quit with those cheesy attempts at being charming. It ain't about to work on me."

Nearby movement caught Kari's eye as the girl from before approached. An idea forming in her head, a mischievous grin spread over her face as she reached over and wrapped one decently tanned arm around the girl's shoulders. "This lovely babe over here however seriously had me falling for her from the start." She said, mimicking Zoey's earlier pun with a snicker. This guy seemed like the jealous type, and was clearly chasing her so adamantly because she was a challenge.

Well, if he wanted a challenge, he was going to get a challenge.

Her Torchic however, seemed to have other plans. He immediately, upon seeing the Rowlet perched on Wolf's shoulder, charged the thing with as fearsome a battle cry as he could possibly muster. "TOOOOOORCHIC!"

It leapt up, tackling the Rowlet from it's perch and to the ground. He then proceeded to frantically hop up and down in front of the grass type, tiny wings fluttering so fast it was a wonder he didn't launch into orbit.

Kari blinked at her new partner with a rather exasperated expression on her face. She hadn't realized she got the 'special' one. What was it even tripping about this time?


Angel was lost.


She could have sworn she had come from this general direction, but nothing looked familiar! With a sigh, she crossed her arm over her middle and tucked her hair behind her ear while looking around. She seemed to have found some sort of grassy area. She was about to ask her newfound friend if he knew the way to the main entrance when the sound of voices reached her ears. She gasped in relief and hurriedly make her way towards them. Two girls were gathered nearby, one standing near some sort of Pikachu-like thing and the other facing a purple cat thing clutching a set of keys.

Looking towards the big blue and white beastie besides her, she shrugged. "They look friendly, what do you think?"

The Pokemon blinked at her, but dutifully followed as she made her way steadily towards them with a warm smile. "Good morning!"

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:51 pm

As the crowd started to deperse into the resveration, Abigail found herself waiting. She didn't want to get trambled in the crowd of soon-to-be trainers and she had faith that she wouldn't have much trouble finding her own Pokemon. She only remained for a minute or two as she bounced on her feet, watching until she felt the time was right to slip in after them. She wasn't sure what kind of Pokemon she was hoping to find but she had faith that she could find something that would suit her just fine. There were so many different kind of Pokemon after all and they all had their own personalites - she wasn't going to be picky when it came to finding her soon to be partner.

For her, this was a chance to explore. Living in Zinnia Town, there wasn't all that much exictement to be found. She was more than happy to stick to her lonesome but this was a chance to branch out! Get herself a partner to explore the island with and make new friends! But the exploring and new friends could wait, she wanted to find her partner in crime. And so she walked in peace and quiet, her gaze shifting around as she studied the resvervation. From around her, she could hear the faint voices of a few different trainers but she was more or less by herself.

The only real sound around her was the jingling of her bracelets as she mindless rolled them around her wirst. There was a nervousness in her that she didn't want to admit too - she had never dreamed of having a Pokemon before. It was the price of living on the island - the Pokemon population had been in ruins for countless years so it had just seemed like a far-off dream when she heard of the different famous trainers from regions seas away from them. She didn't know the first thing of caring for a Pokemon of any type - there was so many different things to keep in mind! She was pretty sure it couldn't be very hard but stepping into new waters was always a bit terrifying.

She frowned as she came to a stop, glancing around her for any sign of a Pokemon. She hadn't seen any that had really caught her attention straight out of the bat. She had seen a few tiny ones but none that looked like they were trying to get or attention or were even interested in her. That was, until something yanked on her ponytail. She yelped in surprised as her head jerked backwards before she pulled away and spun with wide eyes. Tiny bright orange eyes stared back at her, fangs curled into a smile that just screamed that the Pokemon knew what it had done wrong but had enjoyed it anyways. She straightened herself up with a flicker of surprised as she recognized the Pokemon before her. "Oh, a pumpkaboo," she hummed, to which the feline-like creature trilled in an happy tone as if excited to be recognized.

It was a wonder, being up so close to one. She had heard stories about pumpkaboos - they were a ghost type after all and was the target of scary stories sometimes, mostly during the fall due to their pumpkin looking body but...She had to admit, the pumpkaboo was pretty adorable. Its yellow - yet pupilless - eyes glimmered as it tiny ears flickered. Tiny fangs poked out of its mouth and a grand collar of brown fur overflowed from its pumpkin body. It floated effortlessly in the air in front of her, a curious look in its eyes as it drifted closer with another trill. It - she - bumped the tuff of fur that looked almost like a stem against Abigial's shoulder.

The girl blinked in surprised before she slowly held out her hands, allowing the pumpkaboo to float down and rest in the crook of her arms. Its eyes closed, a steady purr rising from it as he nestled against her chest in a content manner. "Wow...I had heard that you guys were felines like meowths and skitties but I hadn't expected this," she hummed as she brought the pumpkaboo closer to her chest. "I guess this means that you choose me?" she asked, only to get an adorable tiny meow back in conformation. She had had heard what the professor had said but she didn't think the 'Pokemon will choose you' part was so literally but here she was, now holding a content ghost-type like it was a house-hold Pokemon. Well...She guessed it was soon to be her house-hold Pokemon. With a soft shrug, she started to head back toward the entrance to go get that Pokeball the professor had promised. "I'm going to have to pick a name for you, won't I?" she questioned before allowing the rest of her walk back to be silent other than her thoughts on trying to brainstorm a name.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:17 pm

Wolf heard Kari groan and watched as she popped back up on her feet and shook the grass from her hair. He found that he loved to see her being at least somewhat more relaxed, though her gaze was anything but relaxed. He listened as she denied him once again, but notice a slight reddening to her face as she seemed to remember the kiss and try and wipe it away. Not her type huh? She seemed to have that memory stuck in her head though, which spoke a little differently to Wolf.

Then after somebody else arrived... the girl she had been apologizing to? Kari got a sly grin, that Wolf noticed just before she spoke about how this girl had her falling for her. Alright, this girl was very hard-headed, and stubborn. But so was Wolf and he wasn't just giving up after all that effort.

Just as he was about to respond with a bit of jealousy and frustration clearly on his face her Torchic ran up and tackled Dez from his shoulder! At first Wolf was a little worried, what with the typing match up and all, he didn't want Dez to get hurt. Then the Torchic just started to flap his wings hopping up and down in front of Dez. Wolf couldn't help but smile with a small laugh as he watched "Well, it seems like our pokemon are getting along better than we do already." Wolf spoke with a smile in his voice that rarely happened through his calm personality. What was it about this girl that even her pokemon could get the ice that normally kept him cool to melt just a little?

Wolf turned his gaze back to her, all openness now, no cool ice in the way. "Kari, look. I think you are pretty. Beautiful actually. I know you don't really know me, and I don't know you, but I'm not giving up until you give me a chance to get to know you. Plus, you haven't even taken a chance to get to know me. You say this girl had you falling for her, and that may be true, but you knocked the wind out of me when I fell for you." Wolf spoke referencing how she had not only made him fall when she fell into him. "Who knows, I might just surprise you."

This whole time Dez was standing there seeming to talk with Kari's Torchic. He wasn't upset with being tackled at all, just kind of popped back up and shook the daze from himself.

"Row-Rowlet-let" He started to flap his wings a little as well, and bouncing too. It seemed like Dez was trying to make friends, even after the tackle. Wolf just hoped that Dez had an easier time with this Torchic than he was with Kari.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   

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Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]
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