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Welcome to the Oasis Cay Islands! Enjoy your stay~
Please welcome Kari as our newest staff member!

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 Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:22 am

On a day like any other day, a porcelain doll donned the usual attire, tucked in the light sweater sloppily pulled from the closet, and thrust his feet into the boots for the first time in what felt like eons. Scarf wrapped around his neck, he put his petite hands into the cuff of the other arm's sleeves and made his way, moving with a lazy skip down main street. The reservation had apparently, finally opened up and finished its preparations most recently, and though everyone had excitedly crowded around until just the day before and shooed away, they had made their comeback known clearly enough that he could hear people talking about it from the other end of the city. If curiosity didn't kill the Meowth--

Already kissing up with one another. Lambent jade eyes never met those of any other as the effeminate child slipped through, rabbit limbs stiff and closed in. A ghost whose pupils were nearly the same shade as the irises, an empty doll-like stare that looked at everything but saw through it all as not a soul detected his presence. Just one look. Gently, the breeze flew in, billowing the tail end of the fabric into wings and allowing sunlight to light the edges of his hair, displaying the straggles where he failed to brush them thoroughly.

He stopped, then turned left and right. Lingering at the edges of the reservation, he walked a few steps, turned around, turned around again, trying to decide if he ought to retrace all of his steps when something skittered between his feet.

Okay, time to leave it is.

Rubbing one eye with a fragile pale hand, he spun around, ready to make way through the saccharine fields of people and Pokemon, only for a two weights to dash straight into him. Air stolen and toppled, he gracelessly fell back into a makeshift sitting position when he managed to catch his balance.

Petals scattered like rain where he landed as he winced, registering the excited squeaks - they sounded similar to laughter, almost - and little flits of sparks gathering in the air. Plus and minus, with floppy ears and eager faces, and a diminutive child yawning with uncertain jerks of the hand, debating whether to pick the two Cheering Pokemon off of him or leave them there and take a nap on the field.

Nobody would notice he was there. They never did. And they wouldn't notice this time either.

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:18 am

Zoey was caught off-guard by Kari's arm suddenly around her shoulders, but she did her best to roll with it. The compliment, however, did cause her cheeks to flush slightly. "Good to know,"  she grinned, Lighter sticking close to her. "So, you two found Pokemon already? How'd that happen?"

Sure, she had no real reason to be that surprised, given how quickly she had met up with one herself, but it wasn't like she knew any others to compare it to just yet. Despite her initial impressions of Wolf not being the best, she did try to offer them both a friendly smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:46 am

Even though she had already successfully picked out her new Pokemon, Iulia decided to linger around the reservation more. It was unexplored territory for her, and seeing all of the small, colorful creatures all around, minding their own business, felt calming. Alongside her the small Phanpy, whose colorful pelt and love for tricks earned her the nickname Circus, trotted playfully, rubbing its soft truck to the girl's bare ankles. Skipping with a smile, she ventured deeper and deeper, waving at the Pokemon innocently, sitting to quietly observe them, then moving on, even happier than before.

It was after a while she reached what seemed to be the end of the reservation, where it was fenced off from the rest of the island. Maybe it was time to turn back? There was so much more to see, but her feet hurt from walking. Picking up the chubby Phanpy, which was scuttling around the edge, Iulia prepared to turn around when a shape in the grass perked her attention. Upon more careful inspection, she realized it was actually a person, laying flat with two bundles of yellowy on them. Curious, the dark-skinned girl inched closer, unable to stifle a giggle as she saw the peaceful look of the one trapped under a cheerful pair of a Minun and a Plusle.

"You look very comfortable down there~" she commented, allowing impatient Circus to walk freely, placing her down on the grass next to the other. Crouching down at their head, Iulia looked up at the clear sky. "And it's very nice outside too. Do you mind of I join you for a rest?"
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:25 am

The air filled with the cries of Pokémon. He breathed in the fresh green scents, watching Pidgey and Taillow flit through the grass, Beautifly gliding through the trees, all sights he'd never seen back in Silene City. Cato walked alone through the fields, kicking rocks. His first Pokémon. He'd been waiting for this moment his whole life, and he still didn't have a clue what he wanted it to be.

Lost in his thoughts, he barely noticed the rustle in the tall grass beside him. He turned his head just as a bone flung out from the curtain of vegetation, forcing him to drop to the dirt. The bone bounced harmlessly off the hill slope, sliding into the grass, but he had only just recovered his feet as a small shape rushed out into the open, just a blur as it sprung toward him.

It had a surprising agility for a thing with such stubby legs...

"A-agh!" The heavy skull helmet caught him right in the chest, and he went slipping back into the grass, the breath knocked out of him as he smacked the ground. He wheezed, reflexively wrapping his arms around the wild Pokémon now pressed against him as they went rolling down the hill together. They broke apart, and the Cubone went tumbling out of his grasp. Their eyes locked for the first time as they both staggered to their feet.

For a heartbeat, they froze, and the Cubone rushed toward him again, head levied toward the ground like a battering ram. Cato twisted at the waist and knocked the Pokémon away with a sharp kick. So that's the way it's gonna be! He backed away with grit teeth as the Cubone adjusted the skewed skull mask, fingers clenching around a loose stone in the grass.

This was going well so far, wasn't it...?
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:06 pm

Miko grinned, a huge, beaming smile, before dashing off in the opposite direction. She was in the reservation.

I should forget to wear shoes more often.

The lush, green grass tickled her bare feet as she walked, breathing lungfuls of fresh air. Her eyes closed and her hands skimmed across the bark of a tree as she walked deeper into the reserve. This was lovely. Suddenly, her foot skidded on something long and thin. A stick. Her foot rolled out from underneath her, sending her to the ground faster than she could say Pokemon.

Miko didn’t even bother to move. It was nice down there, the grass wet with dew, the air alive with birdsong. She could lay there all day. The stick was now laying near her shoulder, miraculously unharmed. After about five minutes of this, the girl sat up slowly, only to see a pair of amber eyes watching her from a nearby bush.

”Hello, there.” Miko said softly, gently crawling a little closer to the bush with the stick gripped tightly in her hand. The pair of eyes blinked, and the aninimal they belonged to slowly moved back a little, as though it was scared. ”Oh, don’t be frightened. What are you doing, hm?” The eyes darted from the stick in her hand to Miko’s face, obviously trying to communicate something. After thinking a little while, her eyes glowed with understanding. ”Ah. Did you want the stick? Is it yours?” She slowly moved a little closer, with the stick held out in front of her. The pair of eyes blinked again, and slowly out of the bushes walked a Fennekin, it’s ears flat to its head. It seems awfully shy, Miko thought to herself. But it was beautiful.

The Pokemon approached the girl, slowly but surely. It gently leaned forwards and took the stick from her grip, almost retreating afterwards. But then it seemed to think better, and padded towards her again. ”You are a cute one.” She remarked, as the Fennekin softly placed its head on her thigh, almost begging to be stroked. Miko scratched it between the ears, and it made a noise of contentment. ”You look like a fox as it slinks through the ferns. She paused. ”Fern. That’s nice. I think that’s what I’ll call you, little one. How is it spelled again? F-e-r-n? F-e-a-r-n? I think I like the second one better. Well, Fearn, I suppose you’re my new Pokemon.” The newly named Fearn flicked an ear, and almost automatically crawled into her cross-legged lap. She was beginning to like her Fennekin more and more.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:56 pm

Mason had let everyone rush ahead of him. He wasn't in that big of a hurry, well he wanted a pokemon, but rushing wasn't worth the pain of being in a crowd. Once the people had thinned did he finally make his way through the big doors and out into the giant reservation. He hadn't even noticed that Laine had left him behind a while ago. Maybe the older boy didn't notice Mason wasn't following?

The black haired teen looked around the open field of an entrance. His gray green eyes dull with uninterest. It seemed most people went for the first pokemon they found. That wasn't smart on their part. What if they weren't meant to be partners? Mason shook the thought out of his head. It wasn't his concern. If they didn't care then he didn't care.

He kept wondering for a while never running into Laine. He passed many pokemon, most of which treated him with hostility. Was it cause of what he and Laine did in free time? He wasn't sure. Other pokemon tolerated him but so no interest so he kept moving. Was he not going to find a pokemon today? Would he have to come back another day? The thought made him bit his lip with slight worry.

He stopped moving in a forest like area, letting thoughts run through his mind. When something bright yellow crossed to the middle of his vision and stopped. Pale Green eyes looked down at golden ones. The cute little yellow creature let out a small roar trying to intimidate him, but it only made him think it was cute. "Aren't you trying to be a little lion?" The teen crouched down, reaching out his hand.

He watched as this shiny shinx walked right up to him with it's chest puffed up, looking all proud of itself. Shinx let out another small noise accepting Mason's presence now. "Maybe you should be mine.." Mason mused. He reached out both hands to pick up Shinx, and only hesitated with the shinx turned his attention to his other hand before accepting being held. Mason stood holding the shinx, it's golden eyes looking up at him with what he assumed was curiosity. The teen soon put down the pokemon before nodding for it to follow him. "Come on little Lion, lets go get your pokeball."

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:16 pm

Tori didn't bother trying to shove through the crowd as the others rushed forwards, wanting to get their new Pokemon. It wasn't like whatever Pokemon was meant for them would get taken immediately by some other teen. She and Hazel had arrived on time, of course, but she had stayed near the back, not interested in whatever conversations and arguments the others were having. Many of these idiots would be her competition- all the easier for her if they wanted to injure themselves in some mad rush towards the door. Instead of following the others, the black-haired girl waited until there was a gap in the flood of humans, then made her way through into the reservation.

It was beautiful, of course- why wouldn't it be? She wasn't as interested in the scenery as she was in the creatures running around through it, however. Birds of all shapes, colors and sizes flew through the trees. Tiny fluffy Pokemon scampered through the grass, as did even larger ones. Many-colored fish swam through crystal waters. Despite herself, she was kind of in awe of it all. What kind of Pokemon should she get? There were so many.... Though she'd read about almost all the types here, there were some even she didn't recognize.

At first Tori thought she wanted a bird, but every Pidgey and Fletchling she encountered didn't seem interested. One Hawlucha screeched and ran away when she approached, and a small Pidove she tried to pick up pecked her hand before flying off. Well then, not a bird. She tried looking around to see what other Pokemon caught her eye, but there were too many. Most of them seemed to not be interested in her. Giving up on trying to find one herself, the teenager eventually rested against a tree, green eyes scanning the field through long black eyelashes. Whatever Pokemon she was meant for would probably come to her. And hopefully, it would be something awesome.

She had almost fallen asleep, leaning against the tree's smooth bark, when something butted into her leg. Her eyes flew open and she made a startled noise, one that was echoed by the small black-and-wite horse below her. Its spiky mane resembled a lightning bolt, and its blue eyes looked up at her in a mix of confusion and absolute, naive trust. In all her fantasies of what Pokemon she'd end up with, she'd never thought of a Blitzle. But, this one seemed to like her.

Almost tentatively, Tori reached a hand down to pet the sharp-looking mane, and found to her surprise that it was quite soft. The Blitzle closed its- his?- eyes in pleasure, and rubbed against her leg with an expression that might have been a smile, if it hadn't been a horse. A small spark of electricity ran up her pant leg where he rested, completely at ease. At closer look, his hair was standing up with static electricity. Despite herself, the tall girl smiled. She could do worse. "Well, aren't you a sparky little thing?" The Pokemon made a little whinnying noise of pleasure. "All right then.... Sparky. Guess it's you and me now."


Hazel didn't really try to get into conversations with all the other people there. There were... too many of them. Plus, they already seemed to be sorted into little groups. Her sister's advice had been to make friends with kids who might help her later, or be her sidekicks or something, but Tori wasn't talking to anyone either, so so much for that. She was only here to get a Pokemon. People weren't her area of expertise.

As the large group of people began to move towards the entrance, the shorter girl found herself being jostled along with them, nearer the front than she would like. Where was Tori? Probably at the back.... Oh, well. She could find her sister later. She wasn't exactly strong enough to get out of this current of human beings, no matter if she wanted to. Go with the flow, I suppose...

When she saw the reservation, her jaw dropped. Pokemon everywhere! Most of the other teenagers rushed forwards, intent on finding a Pokemon, but Hazel just stopped and stared. There was so much.... beauty. She had none of her sister's self-control, but that was fine. She didn't need it.

Eventually, though, she shook herself out of it and walked forwards through the grassy field, looking at everything. What Pokemon would choose her? She had no preference, none at all, unlike Tori who would probably just grab the most powerful one she saw. She didn't know the names of a lot of them, but just had a basic knowledge of a few Pokemon. Wherever she walked, she seemed to scare away Pokemon- a group of Totodile, two Aromatisse, some squirrel-like creatures, a large purple cat, a few strange birds- so eventually she just sat down in the grass. Maybe if she was quiet enough, she could coax one to her.

The short-haired girl just sat, listening to the squawks and trills and growls of Pokemon all around her, waiting for one to be at all interested in her. A small Pichu approached tentatively, but then scampered off when she reached out a hand. A Rufflet landed on her head, but fluttered off when she sneezed. She stayed perfectly still after that, hoping against hope that some other creature would approach, but nothing did. Her hazel eyes lowered, looking down at the grass below her, which seemed to swim for a few moments. Not even Pokemon really wanted her around. She should have known. It was embarassing that she couldn't control her emotions, not like Tori could, but she should have been able to. But it was just so hard.... She couldn't even get an animal for a friend.

As Hazel sat there, not even paying attention to her surroundings anymore, a small paw reached up and touched her cheek. Her multicolored eyes blinked open, and she stared in surprise at the Pokemon who had approached. It was a- what were they called again? Its face was almost like a dog's, but it was blue and black, with long ears and big paws. A Riolu. Where its hand was against her cheek felt warm, warm and soft, and a feeling of peace seemed to emanate from it. It wore an expression of empathy. How could a Pokemon know how she felt? They were far smarter than they looked... She remembered reading something about Riolu and Lucario reading emotions through peoples' auras. This Pokemon actually did understand her- far more than people did.

Impulsively, the auburn-haired girl reached out and hugged the Riolu. It didn't flinch, but leaned into the embrace, warm fur brushing against her arms. The feeling of peace strengthened- whether it was caused directly or indirectly, she didn't know or care. All Hazel knew was that she felt better than she had in years. She'd found her Pokemon.
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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:59 pm

Rowan glanced at the shorter boy that he assumed was talking to him and nodded. "Well, I certainly didn't have a Pokèmon before today," he said. "And I wouldn't mind a Jangmo-o but definitely not a Trapinch." he shuddered at the thought. Insects creeped him out. They really bugged him, one ice-wielding academy-goer might say. Taking another look at the boy, he appeared to be a couple years younger than Rowan. If it hadn't been for the slightly masculine voice, Rowan might've confused the boy for a girl. "I'm Rowan, by the way. Which Pokèmon do you want?" he asked as he noticed everyone beginning to go in.

As soon as the gates opened, Blake soared into the reservation, marveling at all the Pokèmon turning to look at the crowd of people. Some of them scattered, trying to hide because they felt threatened by the crowd. Some just stood there and watched. A few even got closer. Blake looked everywhere as he walked, except for the direction he was going. He ran into a branch that had a bird Pokèmon on it, which chirped a laugh-like chirp. Blake looked slightly embarrassed and irritated as he rubbed his forehead. "That's not funny, you," he said to the bird. The bird, a Starly native to the Sinnoh region, responded by landing on the top of Blake's head and began pecking lightly. "Oh, a wise guy, eh?" he said, raising an eyebrow and cracking a smile. Standing up, Blake was surprised to find the Starly hadn't moved. Finding a partner wasn't as hard as he thought it was going to be. "C'mon, Starly, let's go find the professor."


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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:47 pm

"You look very comfortable down there~"

In the most minor of alterations, his eyebrow taut a little in confusion, though he never took his gaze away from the pair of electric rabbits pinning him to the ground. He tried not to fidget as they sat on top of his chest, pulling his sticks for arms behind his head in inaudible defeat. Without another sound, his eyes fluttered to a close, embracing the iridescent pillow below, seemingly shutting down any and all functions. His posture was as aesthetic as the neatly-arranged flowers of the reservation's floor.

Dark velvet skin, smooth as chocolate, and ebony locks cascaded down to the other figure's shoulders, bobbing and caressing her neck as she stared with most innocent sugary eyes into the empyrean blue above. Two even floppier ears bounced beside the girl, matching the color of the skies she was so enamored with, almost impatient. She spoke with a tender quality, betraying the delight in all of her gestures and movements.

A perfect playful smirk etched across his child-like doll features. "Go ahead," he replied softly, a stark contrast to the cutting edge of his words. "But only if you fork over 9999 Poke." He flickered one eye open as the Minun hopped with its stubby legs on his chest with pitched giggles. Plusle had skittered by, weaving around Iulia's legs.

"This is the territory of a super evil person who'll turn you into a Grimer if you don't sate his greed, after all."

Shock of red shuddering and shuddering away, perhaps in disgust or fear or something in-between, like a light switch being played for a fool by a child who didn't know any better. Yes, this telephone pole didn't have a Pokemon before now (he didn't either), so he had to wonder why the the crimson boy had chosen to clarify it in the first place. How strange, to point out something that any eye can see, from the eldest withering looks to the freshly bloomed, as though there had been a sort of misunderstanding.

Perching his delicate chin at his knuckles, Yunnan hummed in musing, "A dragon type would match you well." Each beat was a beat closer to the sanctuary of creatures lying in wait, prowling as wind whines through broken tips of memories and burnt life without remedy. Leaves choked off their branches in an endless struggle now regrowing in a haze of faces. "As for me..."

"I'm a bit too troublesome to be owning a Pokemon of any sort." He laughed timidly, stopping and starting with each turn of the faucet. "It's a little strange that I'm here with everyone else."

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:43 pm

A groan escaped her and she finally let out a reluctant "We'll see." before answering Zoey's question. "Hotaru found me. He just kinda charged up and then there was an angry Totodile and yeah. Fun times."

The Torchic in question lifted his head and chirped at Zoey, fluttering his wings in a friendly way.

Kari smiled at the little guy before picking him up and waving at the two. "I'm gonna go get him a nice cozy Pokeball. See ya!" And with that she was off, dashing over to the nearest important looking person she found. She blinked up at the brown haired guy curiously, head cocked "Hey there! I was told to report back here for a Pokeball?"

Amusingly enough her Torchic mimicked the pose, looking up at the ranger with a cocked head and wide eyes. "Tor?"

(Gonna hold off on posting again with Angel until Stella and Fey notice her)

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PostSubject: Re: Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]   

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Alola! Welcome! [First Topic]
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