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 Stones and Soccer Balls [open]

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Stones and Soccer Balls [open] Empty
PostSubject: Stones and Soccer Balls [open]   Stones and Soccer Balls [open] EmptyMon Apr 09, 2018 3:29 am

Amelie's first demand was that she bring a soccer ball to the reservation, and whatever kicked it back when she served it into the underbrush would be her lifelong partner. When her parents said no, she tried sneaking the ball out. When they saw the lump under her shirt and demanded she keep it at the front door, she decided she'd fashion a makeshift soccer ball when she got there. She expected to find a rock somewhere along a pond, one smooth and rolly enough. Something. She really needed a striker, or someone to play with.

The welcome center was a larger building than she'd expected. Her palms sweat into the sides of her shirt as she stood there for a moment, taking it in and the gravity of what she was doing. To be honest, she expected a little shack with a sign written with sharpie. The building's door opened by itself when she finally decided to walk in, and that alone made her flinch.

Perhaps they'd have cameras. Perhaps they'd see her kicking rocks at Pokemon.

Inside, she felt small. Her confidence shredded in a blender of stares and she felt like a kid, standing and doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Who did she have to talk to? Did she have to talk to anyone? If she walked right through, how many large men would tackle her? A Growlithe once bit her when she tried to pet it, once when she was really small, and it made her cry for fifteen minutes. She eyed one of the dogs by the door, leashed by a large man, and smiled, as if proving herself innocent. It wasn't the man she was worried about, it was his little pet.

Perhaps it was her standing so close to the thing that made her step forward, but she formally entered the building--"took her coat off," as her mother would always say--and went to where busy people were typing on computers.

"Hello," she said, in a voice that crackled out of hibernation. She slapped the desk mutely with her palm. "Hello, can someone help me?"
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Stones and Soccer Balls [open]
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