Welcome to the Islands of Oasis Cay, an isolated group of islands with a growing Pokémon population.
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 The Story - Premise

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The Story - Premise Tumblr_nr3bspVKPz1u2bcamo2_500

Long ago, in the time before everything began, the freshly created Pokemon thrived on an isolated archipelago, far from the humans of civilizations and savages across the seas. But soon, a mere group of people arrived on their ships and sails, interrupting the fleeting peace of the land; they were outcasts and criminals of their homes, having set out into the world in hopes of finding a new place to call their home. An island filled to the brim with natural resources and a beautiful landscape was just the place to do so...

After a number of short stops and adventures, the people successfully built from the ground up, a new society. Yet, in their wake, they destroyed the homes and paradise of the Pokemon who lived there first. Harsh reality, cutting through the facade of their peaceful life - the ones they created through the walls of their city - crashed down upon them as the Pokemon fought to take back their homes. The island had become a death trap with the only way out being to fight through a slew of enemies. Many people, children and elders, men and women, lost their lives in the process. Through the conflict, physical and emotional scars lacerated, leaving the Oasis beaten and broken... along with the hearts of the people and Pokemon. The life they had created was in tatters, and the reality of the world was setting in quickly.

Each continuing to blame the other group, the God they called Arceus sent divine envoys to stabilize the island and convince both sides that they could live in harmony with one another. Through this, everyone gained faith in the envoys - of both Pokemon and humans - and feared going back into war with one another again. Peace had been restored, and people all over the world came to visit the colorful paradise, praising it as the perfect getaway and demonstration of people and Pokemon living in harmony.

But as always, that peace came to an end.

In 2003, a disaster struck, destroying the lives of the Pokemon near the point of extinction and yet, leaving the humans and the island untouched. Chaos followed shortly after, leaving the people in a sea of corpses of their destroyed paradise... all of them filled with grief and questions.

Before the stroke of midnight, news of the incident spread from sea to sea. Very few knew of the details and those that did kept to themselves, with the envoys sent from Arceus vanishing into thin air. The island was then deemed to be cursed and shunned from the rest of the world, their records and traces erased. Some chose to leave the islands, desiring to live in harmony with the Pokemon once again, while others were unable to, stranded. Those who left, as proud as they were of their homeland, found themselves subjected to ridicule and mockery.

Unsure of what to do, a group of people collectively known as Prisma rallied the people and through their organized efforts, they strove to better their lives and society in their pursuit of science and technology. With the plentiful natural resources and talents of many, they became the beacon of hope for the island, the cornerstone of their world in a boastful act of pride against those who shut them out. Through their delicate yet fierce actions, the Oasis reached the pinnacle of technology with the likes never seen before.

Prisma Company is now a much larger group with many followers and supporters, and with their work, they influence much of the island, from the technology to the fashion to the culture. Kind as they are, their leaders continue in their dedication so that their Oasis may shine brightly, no matter what the rest of the world may say.

In fairly recent years, a small group of the youth during the disaster have grown up, choosing to revive the Pokemon population on the islands. Slowly but surely, their efforts have brought them back, even with the obstacles they faced to reach a more steady and healthy population.

Hope and strength forever remained in the hearts of the Oasis.

And now...

Keep moving forward.
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The Story - Premise
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