Welcome to the Islands of Oasis Cay, an isolated group of islands with a growing Pokémon population.
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Welcome to the Oasis Cay Islands! Enjoy your stay~
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 The Journey Continues

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PostSubject: Re: The Journey Continues   The Journey Continues - Page 2 EmptyMon Apr 23, 2018 2:58 am

Wolf had to take the time to think on that, "I was going to head into town. I wanted to pick up a few things for Dez and my journey." Wolf turned to his partner perched happily on his shoulder. He was enjoying the happiness and comfort he saw Dez displaying. It seemed that this tea was something the pokemon really enjoyed.

He turned his attention back to Yunnan. "We'll be leaving on our way there soon. I was hoping to stock up on more food and water, plus maybe a book or two. Though I have no clue if I will have the time to read them. It was nice meeting you and thank you very much for the tea. I appreciate it and I am sure Dez does as well." Dez fluttered again, this time a little more lazily, but still in appreciation. "Rrrrrow~"

OOC: So sorry for the major delay on response. Life kind of caught me in a place where I only just now was able to respond. Also sorry the response isn't all that great. Still working on my writing.
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PostSubject: Re: The Journey Continues   The Journey Continues - Page 2 EmptyMon Apr 23, 2018 3:51 am

No worries about major delays and all that! I don't mind waiting, so take as much time as you need. And your writing is fine so shush

Soft hums in musing, three taps on the cheek with a cock of his head to the side, Yunnan's face only brightened further, a moon trying to outshine the sun but never enough. "I'm glad. The pleasure was all mine." Lower the gaze, hands pat together in a bow, and... Which hand was it? Left? Or right? Sweet whisperings of nothing in a void of a recollection said it had to be the hand that you didn't hold chopsticks with, and oh! Well, that made things easy, didn't it? Right hand turned and spun like the ticking arm of a clock.

Halcyon never ending with the final page of the happy fairy tale left unturned, and flitting words on a feathery waning crescent of a voice. "But is there much of a place to journey on this island? I wouldn't consider it sufficient enough for the kind of journey a trainer from far away would take." Only one true expression was plastered across the silk over glass skin of the willowy widower, a vacant haze of blues and violets for eyes shining infinitely from the lithe figure, unassuming, unknowing.

It would be strange - he concluded - to march around the natural paradise of blooming flowers and shimmering seas as though there was much to do in their secluded bubble in the vast, ever-expanding world. For lives who had been stagnated on the archipelago since birth, they had seen all there was to their shells and nothing more could exist.

The Journey Continues - Page 2 GhY6gQE
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The Journey Continues
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